In November 1982 he began the seventh series called "La dona" which initially was one of the most dramatic. Aware that it is not enough to enact legislation to encourage the use of freedom, because they must be met and that requires an adaptation period, continued to assert rights, in this case those affecting women. Major new Sibyls female figures, Selene, suede and Geas, God-mother and Magna-deas, presenting pictorial space occupied unequal battle between the company sustained, claiming the right to personal liberty and the dissolution of the customs, to transcend the situation inherited from the Neolithic.


For 10 years remained constant theme is viewed from different angles, none of them associated with feminism or with more or less folkloric performances. Precisely the formal, Mater and structural were one of the most rigorous analysis of his work.

Serie La Dona "Three Graces"
100 x 192 cm.
Tec.mix canvas

1986 1986 1987
Serie La Dona "Untitled" Serie La Dona "Untitled" Serie La Dona "Gea"
100 x 81 cm. 140 x 130 cm. 162 x 130 cm.
Tec.mix canvas Tec.mix canvas Tec.mix canvas



1987 1987
Serie La Dona "Sybil Atlantica" Detail of "Sybil Atlantica"
205 x 162 cm.
Tec.mix canvas


1987 1990
Serie La Dona "Gaia in Action Serie La Dona "Magna Dea"
162 x 130 cm. 190 x 140 cm.
Tec.mix canvas Tec.mix canvas