Thus we reach the ninth series, the most lyrical of his painting called "Bereshit Bara" in which, again, I decide to start over from other abstract parameters which organized the essential purity about Zen. I wanted to return to painting his ineffable quality most essential and poetic.


The suggestive title is in the first two opening words of Genesis and meaning "In the beginning."Wants to return to the top also never experienced it, the place of origin, combining strength, intensity and depth to building signs, forms and calligraphy shrouded in mystery and wrapped in clear spaces, pristine surfaces and subtle colors in contrasting gestures of black.

1999 1999
Series "Bara" no 19 Series "Bara" no 23
130 x 130 cm. 130 x 130 cm.
Tec.mix canvas Tec.mix canvas
1999 1999
Series "Bara" no 33 Series "Bara" no 34
Tec.mix canvas Tec.mix canvas
1999 2000
Series "Bara" No 38 "Jerusalem rose"
120 x 120 cm. 130 x 130 cm.
Tec.mix canvas Tec.mix. Gold on canvas



"Jerusalem Blue
91 x 74 cm
Tec.mix.oro / carton